Argon Gaseous Extinguishing Systems


Clean Gaseous extinguishing systems that IG-01, IG-55 and IG-100 environmental friendly, respirable, having a very wide range of implementation area. These gasses that are developed instead of halon gas, extinguish the fire in a very short time decreasing oxygen concentration to a level sufficient for human health. There is no harm to human health in design concentrations. There is no effect to global warming or environment since it exists in nature in normal conditions. 


Argon Gaseous Extinguishing System Features

  • Re-filling cost is low.
  • Argon gas does not have conductibility.
  • Does not harm to ozone.
  • Does not leave residual after discharge.
  • Maximum discharge time is 60 seconds.


Argon Gaseous Extinguishing System Usage Areas

  • Electric Distribution Rooms
  • Industrial Structures
  • Material Storages
  • Achieves
  • Computer Rooms
  • Museums
  • Phone Centrals 

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