Novec 1230 (Sappire) Gaseous Extinguishing Systems


Novec1230 is environment friendly, resperable, having a wide implementation area clean gaseous extinguishing systems. These gasses that are developed instead of halon gas, extinguish the fire in a very short time decreasing oxygen concentration to a level sufficient for human health. There is no harm to human health in design concentrations. There is no effect to global warming or environment.


Novec1230 Gaseous Extinguishing System Features

  • Extinguishing ability is very high.
  • Atmospheric lifetime is 3 days.
  • Does not harm to ozone.
  • Does not leave residual after discharge.
  • Have no electrical conductivity.
  • Does not harm valuable devices.
  • Maximum discharge time is 10 seconds.


Novec1230 Gaseous Extinguishing System Usage Areas

  • Computer rooms
  • Phone and telecommunication rooms
  • Libraries
  • Archives
  • Banks
  • Museums
  • System rooms

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