Sprinkler Systems
Standard and Quick Response Sprinklers


Sprinkler is located on specially designed fire installment in such a way that covers the area needed to be saved. The liquid in glass tube which is one of the important pieces of stuffing is expands and explode due to temperature produced by fire. The 5 mm diameter types of this glass tubes are called as standard reaction sprinkler, the types that have 3mm diameter are called fast reaction sprinkler. Ambient temperature during fire should be selected as temperatures 30 °C higher than expected maximum ambient temperature. Water under pressure is sprayed on fire splatting to deflector (distributer) with explosion of sprinkler glass tube on fire. The sprinkler which temperature increase occurs during fire explodes and water flow is supplied. There are a lot of types of sprinklers based on K factor and its diameter, protection areas, mounting form, covering material, activation temperature. Together with K factors of sprinklers may change between 20 - 400, the most preferable types are standard reaction sprinklers having K factor as 80.