Water Mist Extinguishing Systems


Water mist Extinguishing System are basically divided into two as low and high pressure systems. In low pressure systems generally at nozzle head 4 bar pressure is need and are used lower risk places compared to high pressure water mist system. Actually transformer cooling and tank cooling systems are also low pressure water mist systems.  High pressure water mist system is a system which have needed pressure and flow rate with pumps of hig pressure cylinders. Generally the ones that have 80-200 bars operating pressure systems. Water mist system that is started to be used commonly in recent years is established to pioneering institutions of our country by us. Obtaining successful results in fires that had occurred attraction of water mist extinguishing systems gradually increases.


 Water mist Extinguishing System Features

  • Does not harm environment and ozone layer.
  • Makes extinguishing absorbing ambient heat and decreasing oxygen level.
  • Can be used on purpose of local extinguishing.
  • Provides toxic gas and smoke removal to be washed.
  • Compared to other watered systems, gives minimum damage caused by water.
  • Prevents re-flaming.
  • Requires minimum pipe diameter.


Water Mist Extinguishing System Usage Areas

  • Combustible and flammable liquid fires
  • Frying machines
  • Industrial boiling fields
  • Kitchen hood systems
  • Turbine and generator chambers
  • Moving stairway and escalators
  • Cable and installment galleries
  • Ship engine rooms and accommodations

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