Our services


We are designing the fire protection systems planned to be installed in our facilities by our expert engineer team, using the VDS approved hydraulic calculation package programs and producing the most ideal solutions according to the criteria determined by national and international standards.


In cases where we sell only fire protection systems equipment, we provide supervision services to our customers in order to be able to complete the assembly procedures in accordance with the standards.


In order for the fire protection systems installed in the facilities to operate smoothly and efficiently for a long time, the maintenance processes are carried out according to the demands of our customers, not less than the time set by the standards. In addition, our company follows the status of the end user of all products. He is determined to fulfill the task given to him by the standards. We are at the service of our customers during the necessary maintenance calendars.


As an indicator of the customer-oriented thinking structure of our company, it has the task of illuminating the products, uses and technical features of its employees and customers and it is aware that this country is in the best interests of its country.
Thanks to our expert trainers, these trainings also provide the measures to be taken in order to protect from fire disaster, the rules of conduct in the event of fire are detailed and the participants are certified.


The risk group according to national and international standards is determined by the turn-key assembly of all fire protection systems by a professional team.


We provide fire protection systems equipments for our customers by representing the world's leading manufacturers. We can deliver our products to our customers in a short time with our large stock volume.