HASSA FIRE., which is a leader institution on fire extinction systems, started manufacturing in 1978 Istanbul Fatih with a 55 m2 atelier. Developing more in every passing year, firstly in Kocatepe later in Bayrampasa Ayranci Industrial Area, opened manufacturing ateliers. In order to be able to meet the customer demands and give more professional service, in 1994 it moved to facility in Kucukkoy. Today also in facility having 5500 m2 closed area located in Kucukkoy, is maintaining manufacturing by producing portable extinguisher devices, fire cabinets and high pressure system cylinders. As of today experience the pride of employing almost 80 personnel.

Full-fledged and accredited

  • Dust filling station
  • Portable extinguisher devices manufacturing atelier
  • Portable extinguisher tubes and dye cabins with conveyor for fire cabinets
  • FM200 and Novec1230 gaseous system cylinder filling stations are present within the scope of facility.
  • HASSA FIRE. has started to give engineering services since 2000. All of these activities involve; turn-key system montage, project designing, product and material supply, consulting and care services. With the professional engineering staff gives services to Turkey’s leading official bodies and private institutions.


    Providing customer oriented solutions, compatible with the current and developing technologies, qualified products and systems design, develop, produce and provide its continuity under all circumstances.


    Being impeccable and credible life partner in our specialized field.


    Health, security and environment responsibilities are inseparable parts of our job in HASSA FIRE. Successfully management of issues and problems related to security is an indispensable component of our work strategies. By following and encouraging this policy implementation, we are helping the protection of both the environment and our employees, suppliers, customers and generally the society. HASSA FIRE., while using the last technology produces fire extinguishers and systems, aims to pioneer the health, security, environment and quality issues in fire sector. For this reason, it complies with the law and regulations absolutely and follows the current situation.

  • In order to reach our goals, we will define the EHS risk resulted from our manufacturing and service activities and reduce these risks to the lowest possible levels in practice.
  • Our aims; reducing our activities’ impact on environment to minimum level, prevention of possible harms which may affect our employees by occupational accidents and illnesses, our customers, the society that we live in and generally everybody.
  • Providing necessary environment and education to our employees, we will ensure their motivation, authorization and creativity to be discovered, our processes’ efficiency to be increased by following and updating the technology.
  • Aiming to reach total customer satisfaction objective by offering the highest quality fire security services, we will increase our competitive capacity by increasing our quality and efficiency, keeping under control our service chain, monitoring and following our processes performances in all fields.
  • For the purpose of forming and establishing secure working environment to our employee, taking risk-protective precautions, we will continue to work with proactive approach and we will be responsible from giving continuous education for our employees and implementing, allocating responsibility and duties related to all the aspects and phases of the program, monitoring the program constantly aiming to determine the areas needed to be developed, reviving and investigating all events in detail.
  • We will take lessons from incidents and share these with our employees, customers, suppliers and the other institutions.
  • We will increase the consciousness of that natural sources are used as a result of our activities.
  • We will continue to keep under control our activities’ effects related to environment and health by reducing wastes, emissions and discharges and using energy efficiently.
  • All the members of our institution without exception, aim managing and realizing all the processes in the best way, being line with these conditions and always concertedly with customer and suppliers. We promise continuously improving quality, environment, security and health management systems that we establish with these objectives, and this policy’s being open to public access.

    Chairman of the Board

    Hasan SARICI