Extinguishing Panels

With extinguishing panel and its auxiliary equipments which are produced in compliance with European standards, quality and credible solutions can be offered to every scale extinguishing project. The panels that produced in compliance with EN12094-1, EN54-2 ve EN54-4 standards have 3 different zones. These zones which can be programmed as 2 separate extinguishing and 1 sensing, also offer cross-zone chance. There is an extinguishing postponement option to 60 seconds. As well as it provides easier programming thanks to LCD scene on it, it can be used in countdown situations. Thanks to additional output module, it offers 2 different solenoid valve controls. It promotes Automatic and Manual Switch extinguishing options with Manual Extinguishing Starting Button exists on it.

Fire Extinguishing Panel’s Major Features
Additional Output Card
Extinguishing Output Circuit Termination Unit
Remote Monitoring and Control Unit
For External Environments Remote Monitoring and Control Unit