Cable Type Heat Detectors

Linear Heat Detectors are specially designed and produced aiming to use the places where the commonly used point fire sensing systems are impossible to implement due to ambient conditions. The physical structure and of heat detectors sensing elements working with temperature sensing principle look like a cable. In the places where this system established, detection of sensing alarm information in meters and as a point in regional bases is being possible. Linear heat detectors have a feature to sense the heat increase coming to any point on it in the place that it is established. Linear heat detectors are produced in different sensing temperatures (68°C, 78°C, 88°C, 105°C etc.) and implemented by chosen based on against fire protected area’s features. Based on special application areas, exterior surface is made up of temperature and flame resistant special netting, PVC or fluoropdymer covered 2 pieces copper conductor. Cable which works with short-circuiting principle, in case of exceeding acceptable temperature levels, gives fast, positive and credible signals and monitor is obtained from sensing panel. It is used in implementations such as tunnels, cable channels, closed mines, oil tanks, chemical tanks, aircraft hangars, transformers, cable trays, conveyor systems, electric panel insides, places where there is always airstream, petrochemical plants, fuel oil filling stations, ex-proof, all the plants including dusty and dirty environments.