FM200 (HFC-227ea) Gaseous Extinguishing Systems
HASSA HC-227 is notable for its versatility in the protection of the widest range of hazards. It combines high efficiency and extinguishing capacity with excellent performance, making it currently the most required and marketed system worldwide. The key to its success lies in providing harmless and very fast extinguishment (discharging in 10 seconds) to protect the contents of a room and its occupants. The primary objective does not consist of ensuring structural integrity (unlike sprinklers, which act by cooling ceilings, columns and walls) but not allowing the fire to spread and acting in the first moments, thus ensuring the integrity of the whole. Other systems are activated by the fire at a later stage: Extinguishment is just as effective, but comes about when much of the goods are damaged beyond repair. Furthermore, as a clean agent, it leaves no residue requiring cleaning after the fire. Resumption of activity can be IMMEDIATE, once the area has been ventilated, thanks to the protection of data, equipment and furnishings.

FM200 (HFC-227 ea) Gaseous Extinguishing System Properties

Extinguishing skill is very high.
Does not occur damage for ozone.
Does not generate any residual.
There is no electrical conductivity.
Re-filling cost is more less than FK 5-1-12 UL FM.
Extinguishing time is maximum 10 seconds.

FM200 (HFC-227 ea) Gaseous Extinguishing System Usage Areas

Information Process Rooms
Archive Rooms
Art Galeries
Medicine and Health Facilities
Telecommunication Plants
Central Rooms
Electrical Panel Rooms