Grooved Fitting Equipments

Connection type used as alternative to solid or threaded connection is grooved connection. In order to grooved connection be made, fitting elements should be produced as grooved, groove should be opened on the pipes and they should have joint couplings. Grooved connection is safer connection type compared to solid or threaded connection. Even though a little difference in cost forms, in last years grooved connection is preferred more compared to other connection types.

Advantages; Among Grooved Systems usage advantages mounting speed and ease, no necessity to source, re-disassembling ability, maintenance ease, saving of time and low labor cost can be considered. Clamps that are used together with grooved pipes, provides complete impermeability with rubber seal. Grooved connection is safer compares to solid systems since it provides to system flexion, expansion, shortening, flexure features. Implemented grooved pipe lines have anti-vibration feature together with clamps.

Implementation Areas

Fire installment
Automotive Sector
Installment Systems
Ventilation Systems
Excavator, shipbuilding