Preaction Valves

  Sprinkler systems where extinguishing is carried out on the principle of a second event in addition to the explosion of the sprinklers, and additional detection systems are used are called pre-reacting sprinklers. The valves used in these systems are also called pre-reactor valves.

  They are divided into two parts according to locking systems.

  A - Single Interlock Pre-Action Systems

A.1- Wet Pilot Activated

A.2- With Dry Pilot Activation

A.3- Electrical Activation

  B - Double Interlock Pre-Action Systems

B.1- Electric - Pneumatic Activated (Sprinkler + Detector)

B.2- Electric - Electric Activated (Detector + Pressure Switch)

  They are used where the accidental explosion or damage of the sprinkler or sprinkler pipe can cause serious damage to the site.

  Scope of application

- Archives

- Computer Rooms

- Libraries

- Museums