Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishing Systems

Dry chemical systems are suitable for protecting a wide range of hazards. They are an excellent option for extinguishing fires in large volumes and outdoor areas. Besides, their adaptability allows them to be used in confined spaces and in fires for which other agents are not suitable.

HASSA's wide variety of dry chemical systems allow adapting the protection to every need. Depending on the quantity of extinguishing agent and the storage space available, the TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED FOR THE PROTECTION OF SPECIAL HAZARDS STORED PRESSURE TANK SYSTEMS are an option, which can store large amounts of agent. Cylinder systems with stored pressure are also suitable for smaller hazards.

Total Flooding

In this case, a predetermined amount of dry chemical is discharged through the piping system and the nozzles placed in the hazard area. Total flooding is applicable when the hazard area is an closed room that must be protected in its entirety. Nozzles discharge the agent evenly throughout the enclosure, covering the entire hazard area.

Local Application

This differs from total flooding in that the nozzles are discharged directly over the protected object or area. It is a good option in cases where the hazard area can be isolated from other risk areas, so that the fire does not spread to other areas adjacent to the protected area and where the hazard area needs to be protected individually.

Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishing System Properties

Extinguishing time more less than the other extinguishing systems.
Can be use for local application.
Can be use area which is not suitable for water systems.
It needs minimal pipe diameter

Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishing System Usage Areas

Petroleum Refineries
Chemical Material Production Plants
Paint Cabinet and Footprints
LNG Pump Stations
Plane Hangars
Pump Rooms
Generator Rooms
Panel Rooms
Flammable and Combustible Materials Warehouses